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The fastest, most cost-effective value-add for your property and business.

It’s hard to make money if you are throwing it away. Our approach was designed by a business owner for business owners. Most contractors won’t do what we do. Dramatic results can be achieved with limited scope with no disruption to operations – no permits, no headaches, no scope creep, no delays.

Don’t waste time and money!

Increase value and marketability today.

No Delays. No Permits.

Rapid, Remarkable Results.

Aggressive Deep Cleaning (downright invasive) by conscientious, well-trained crew using best practice methods and effective eco-friendly products. Every. Nook. And. Cranny.

Why overspend when a refresh and repair will extend the useful life? We take the time to focus painting efforts to maximize return on investment. Select strategic repairs minimize cost and scope creep. No other companies meet client needs like us.

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We Love Restoration.

We love to make something old, new again. It doesn’t even have to be that old! We get how maintenance sometimes takes a backburner to the demands of running a business. Let us come in with fresh eyes and motivation to restore your property and business to what it looked like on day one (or at least pretty close!)

“You’ve made it the store it always wanted to be!” – happy client

We Hate Waste.

Drives us crazy how few contractors will repair and restore – opting to replace perfectly repairable with new items which are costly, often cause delays to procure, and quite frankly are garbage quality. Now to be honest, repairing takes a certain mindset: it takes time, attention to detail, and you have to care. But it keeps tons of debris out of the landfill and extends the useful life significantly, lowering owner costs. We have that mindset but manage it’s effectiveness by focusing it strategically for maximum impact.

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Who works with Tidy Restore?

Anyone who wants to maximize curb appeal and minimize cost and time.

Property & Business Owners

Prepare to appraise, sell or lease. Increase profitability by improving customer experience. Clearouts, unit turnovers, & maintenance of taxpayers and vacant properties with minimal costs, max results. You’ll be amazed by the impact.

Developers & General Contractors

Prompt and reliable construction cleaning – prior to city inspections, occupancy final clean, even outsource most punchlist items to Tidy Restore. We can take care of this, make it easy for you, and make you more effective.

Real Estate Brokers & Banks

We love to work with brokers who know they sell much faster after a quick refresh and limited scope repair. And Real Estate Owned by banks is often in need of clear out, cleaning and ongoing, limited scope maintenance. We can help.